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CASTOR Oil Treatment & 20 mins Reflexology

1 hour $100

PALMA CHRISTI ~translates as palm of Christ

“Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations within; the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of a body to creative energies. This alone is healing”

Castor Oil Pack Treatment ~ applied to your tummy 

First the (10) YoungLiving Raindrop Essential Oils are applied to your stomach with a light massage & then a hot rice bag goes over your tummy, Tuning forks are used to balance your energy bodies and......just when you thought you were in the most relaxed state ........... 

then reflexology starts! .....and boom you're gone! ~ sooo soothing and healing!   

This treatment is so relaxing and very healing!

*Usually several series of treatments will be needed if working on chronic problems

Ancient Healing - Modern ResultsIn the early 1900’s, sleeping prophet and medical psychic Edgar Cayce brought awareness to Castor Oil packs by recommending them more than 500 times in his writings. He advised the use of Castor Oil packs for lymphatic disorders, and for use on the liver. Placing a Castor Oil pack on the skin increases circulation, decreases inflammation–both internally and externally–and promotes elimination of toxins and healing of tissues and organs. Castor oil packs used on joints, such as knees and wrists, promote decreased swelling and ease of movement.

Conditions responding to Castor Oil packs include constipation, bowel impactions or adhesions, swollen and/or painful joints, chronic fluid retention, liver cirrhosis, enlarged or congested liver, gallbladder disease, swollen lymph nodes, sluggish lymphatic movement and menstrual related congestion. It is reported that consistent use improves liver function and optimizes the body’s detoxification processes. When absorbed through the skin, Castor Oil increases the flow of lymphatic fluid in the body, which speeds up the removal of toxins surrounding cells and reduces the size of swollen lymph nodes. The lipid structure of Castor Oil is easily transmitted through the skin, into the lymphatic system, making Castor Oil packs a very effective, all-natural healing tool.

*With each treatment a Certified Organic Cotten Flannel free of bleach or chemicals is used

*Blessed Premier Quality Castor Oil from Edgar Cayce foundation is used insuring it is 100% Cold Pressed Hexane Free, Solvent Free, & BPA free bottles.

*Due to the release of toxic material from your body the cotton flannel is not reused

Are there any contraindications to usage? YES!


For serious conditions, or under your doctors care, please consult with your doctor before doing any therapies.

Conditions responding to Castor Oil packs; Cayce also mentioned physiological effects on the body such as:

stimulation to the Liver, dissolve and remove Lesions & Adhesions, relieve Pain, release impacting to the Colon, reduce incoordination in the Nervous System, stimulate the Gall Bladder, reduce Toxemia, increase Lymphatic circulation, increase Gastrointestinal assimilation, balance Elimination, reduce Inflammation, increase Relaxation, reduce Flatulence, dissolve and remove Lacteal duct adhesions, reduce Nausea, dissolve Gallstones, stimulate Lacteal duct circulation, reduce Swelling, stimulate Cecum, improve Liver-kidney coordination, stimulate Organs and glands, draw oil Acids, draw out Vaginal Fistulas discharge, relieve Headaches, stimulate Peristalsis, improve Perspiration respiration and coordination, increase Skin circulation (blood and lymph), reduces Tumors.

References: 1. Reilly D.Ph.T., D.S., Harold and Hagy Brod, Ruth. The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy. A.R.E. Press. January, 1988.2. www.shanti.com3. www.cayce.com4.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the nonprofit founded by Cayce in 1931, have access to the entire set of 14,306 readings in a database residing in the member-only section of our Web site.

*Unfortunately, much of the castor oil currently available is derived from castor oil beans that have been pesticides or poorly grown (thus having few or no healing properties) and which have been solvent-extracted or deodorized (this damages the healing phytonutrients as well as containing residual toxic solvent contaminants).

To book your appt. call or text Marcia (936)777-0128 

Marcia Newman is licensed by the state of Texas.

She is not a licensed medical or naturopathic professional and any suggestions made referring to any conditions or therapies offered do not take the place of treatment by a medical professional.